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UAE Team ADQ confirms eight riders for 2023 season

UAE Team ADQ confirms eight riders for 2023 season

September 22, 2022


There are eight riders that UAE Team ADQ has confirmed in the team for the 2023 season.

The foundations of the 2023 roster of UAE Team ADQ will be firmly in place thanks to the confirmation of a group of riders who already played a major role in the debut season on the international scene of the UAE's first women's pro cycling team this year.

There are eight riders that UAE Team ADQ has confirmed in the team for the 2023 season.

The Italians Sofia Bertizzolo, Erica Magnaldi, Laura Tomasi and Anna Trevisi, the champion of Slovenia Eugenia Bujak, the young and promising Russian Alena Ivanchenko, the Swiss Linda Zanetti and, of course, the UAE national champion Safiya Alsayegh.

The four Italians are a guarantee of experience and quality. Sofia Bertizzolo with her adventure in the UAE Team ADQ jersey has consolidated the right serenity and continuity of results even in important classics. She also returned to victory at the Trofeo Oro in Euro in Montignoso. Erica Magnaldi has shown that she is an excellent climber, in supporting of the team leaders, and also being the main protagonist in the most demanding races. Making a strong comeback following injury, we are confident that she has returned to full form and will again be a key asset to our team next year. Laura Tomasi has grown over the course of the season and in recent weeks has also collected important placings and podiums in World Tour races. Anna Trevisi is an essential support for her teammates, always ready to help on all types of terrain.

The Slovenian Eugenia Bujak has secured herself as this year's national champion and offers valuable support for her teammates deciding to continue her positive adventure with UAE Team ADQ next year in search of new goals.

The 18-year-old Russian Alena Ivanchenko, celebrated winning the World and European Junior Women's Time Trial Championship in 2021 and made her World Tour debut this year immediately proving her worth, winning an ITT stage at the Bretagne Ladies Tour in France. She still has a lot to grow and learn and UAE Team ADQ has decided to support her on this journey.

For Swiss rider Linda Zanetti it was also her first time in big cycling, she gained experience and won medals at the National Championships. Another youngster that the UAE Team ADQ is helping to grow.

Safiya Alsayegh is the first woman pro-cyclist from the Middle East to ride for a World Tour team, she was the first cyclist to represent the UAE at a UCI Cycling World Championships and she is an inspiration to thousands of women in the UAE and across the Arab world.