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UAE Team ADQ aims to be a driving force to address the challenges that our industry and our world face.

The Team’s commitment to sustainability for a better future is part of our DNA by supporting sustainable development and creating a positive impact through cycling and the cycling mindset.


In an era where environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors play a crucial role in shaping the business landscape, we are thrilled to introduce our first ESG Strategy.


This milestone represents our commitment to sustainable practices, responsible business operations, giving back to communities, and creating long-term value for all stakeholders.

Our ESG pledge for a Sustainable Future

United to impact

At UAE Team ADQ, we believe our role goes beyond races.

Aligned with our Purpose and Values, our ambition is to use our abilities to unleash talents, to overcome women cycling challenges, and foster a sustainable ecosystem for industry and the planet. We have defined our ESG Roadmap together with the active participation of all our teams members and our stakeholders from an inclusive all-encompassing community of sponsors, public and private partners, and industry bodies.

We came together with a shared sense of responsibility to design a robust and ambitious ESG roadmap 'United to Impact' driven by our 4 strategic pillars.

The Pillars of Our Sustainability: United to Impact

Community development:

We aim to generate interest among the collective, developing motivation, and growth through cycling, as a result of a Healthy and friendly community. We encourage diversity and respect, promoting all ladies’ participation.


We are looking to transform, develop and elevate the industry, not only in its infrastructure but also in its systems, dynamics, and mindsets.

Education and training:

We are committed to developing talent through education and raising the level of cycling professionals. We look forward to educating people about cycling and sharing knowledge, technics, and learning experiences.

Wellbeing and Responsibility:

We believe that a better world is made with better people, so we will collaborate or contribute to overall well-being by creating habits and behaviors that impact the environment and society positively.

Our Journey

Our ESG scorecard



Embedding sustainability at the core of our business requires us to set SMART objectives that can drive us all toward the sustainability goals we have set for the Organization. The table provides an overview of the high-level objectives for each pillar of our sustainability framework.


Our Commitments:

“Embracing local and global frameworks while making progress toward a more sustainable future.”



Sustainable Report 2022

Coming Soon