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Celebrated sponsorship of UAE Team ADQ on International Women’s Day

Abu Dhabi-based ADQ, one of the region’s largest holding company’s with direct and indirect investments in more than 90 companies across all sectors, expanded its healthy lifestyle and sports platform, ‘Performance Driving Us Forward’,

ahead of International Women’s Day this year, by celebrating its title sponsorship of UAE Team ADQ, the first official women’s cycling team in the region.

To mark the occasion, 240 participants gathered to celebrate all that embodied the celebration and unity of women for the official launch of the first UAE pro cycling world team. UAE team ADQUAE Team ADQ hosted a community event for cycling enthusiasts and aspiring female athletes to meet and engage with the women’s cycling team. The partnership aligns with ADQ’s existing three-year sponsorship of UAE Team Emirates and the UAE’s World Tour Professional Cycling Team, and the UAE Football Association, including the UAE’s national football teams, the President’s Cup and the UAE First and Second Division Leagues, announced last year.

First race in Almeria, fourth place for Eugenia Bujak

UAE Team ADQ's 2023 season began with fourth place for Slovenian Eugenia Bujak at the Trofeo Women Cycling Pro Costa de Almeria (1.1).

After 135 kilometres from Campohermoso (Níjar) to Cuevas del Almanzora, the race was decided in a sprint between some 20 riders. The sprint was won by the Italian Arianna Fidanza of Ceratizid-WNT, ahead of Emma Norsgaard (Movistar Team) and the French champion Audrey Cordon-Ragot (Zaaf Cycling Team), who beat Eugenia.

After the peloton cancelled out a long solo breakaway attempt by Heidi Franz (Zaaf), the race was decided on the final climb with around three kilometres to go, when Movistar Team's forcing split the peloton. Chiara Consonni, the captain in case of a bunch sprint, lost the wheels of the best, and then the team reorganised with Alena Amialiusik, Olivia Baril, Mikayla Harvey, who remained in the first group, for the sprint of Eugenia Bujak, who took a good place.

Eugenia Bujak said: "I am happy with my result and my shape and also with the opportunity I had today. It's a placing I've been waiting for a long time, after last year's difficult season. I had thyroid problems and was never able to express myself as I wanted. Now I feel good and I am very confident because I think I can still improve. I must say that this year I am very happy to be part of this team because I think there is a great group. We are very united and even today we all worked for the team. This gives me great confidence for the future”.











Vuelta CV Feminàs: Erica Magnaldi finishes fourth

Excellent debut for Erica Magnaldi who conquered an excellent fourth place in the Vuelta CV Feminàs at the end of an attacking race.
The decisive action was born on the second climb of the race at 45km to the finish, when five athletes attacked. Liane Lippert, Floortje Mackaij, Nikola Noskova, Clara Koppenburg and Erica Magnaldi took the lead.
10km from the finish Floortje Mackaij broke away and won solo, while Lippert and Noskova finished within 32 seconds. Erica Magnaldi won the two-women sprint and finished fourth.
Good job also from all the other athletes (Biriukova, Cipressi, Kumięga, Pellegrini) who finished the race in the first group of pursuers.

“The climb was really hard - explained Erica Magnaldi at the end of the race. I'm happy because I had good sensations and honestly I didn't know what to expect, because it was the first race after the surgery in September. When you get this close to the podium, it's bad to finish fourth, but this race was invaluable in learning how to manage the finish."

“It was a better start than my expectations - says Erica Magnaldi - I have to thank UAE Team ADQ and UAE Developlment Team because they gave me the opportunity to compete. This helped me to regain some self-confidence. Here in the UAE Development Team there is a beautiful atmosphere and today the young girls did very well and ran as a group. This is definitely a good team to build on.”


While some brands diversify, we specialise in helmets to ensure we offer the very best products every time. We never stop ceasing to know, refine and develop bicycle helmets so that they are ever safer and more innovative.

Photo 1 - Road Race European Championships


ADQ is an investment company and strategic partner of Abu Dhabi’s government committed to accelerating the transformation and growth of the Emirate into a globally competitive and knowledge-based economy.

ADQ’s commitment to embedding a performance-driven culture and supporting the community is underpinned by its ‘Performance Driving Us Forward’sponsorship platform. The platform prioritizes partnerships that positively impact the communities and create opportunities by building sustainable programs to enhance the lives of the next generation of athletes representing the UAE on the global stage.

ADQ’s title partnership of UAE Team ADQ is aimed to help promote women in sports and cycling to encourage fitness, competition, and physical and mental wellbeing. The team aims to frontier the women’s cycling movement in the UAE by influencing and encouraging the emergence of more women in this exhilarating sport and by creating a source of support and inspiration, particularly for the Middle East female community.


Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) is the worldwide governing body for cycling.

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The contribution given by the professional riders was fundamental in the long prototyping phase and subsequent road tests and then directly in the races; the input received from the team made it possible to work on clear and defined areas, such as: aerodynamics, weight, real dynamic stiffness, geometry, robustness and reliability.




As an improvement of our Magistrale Women Bib Shorts, top of the range of our custom range, the new Magistrale Bib Shorts developed for the Pro Teams features raw cut legs with no elastic band, improving aerodynamics and comfort even on the longer training rides and race days.
The Explosive One fabric construction gives an uniform pressure throughout the leg thanks to its technology developed to give the fabric the level of comfort and freedom of movement, supporting the
muscle building and minimizing energy expenditure.

The pad is an evolution of our TruFlo AirLight, featuring our iconical floating technology with a special 80kg/m3 monodensity foam capable of granting same level of comfort up to 8h.
Bibs are made with Y shape and with high breathable fabric and radio pocket.

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Pissei was established in 1978 under the name of “Ellegi”. From the very beginning, the company specialized in the sports apparel sector and, in 2006, took on its current name. The production chain has always been 100% “Made in Italy”, in tune with our roots and keeping our traditions alive. We want to bring an eye-catching style on the road. This is why we carefully link the unique style of materials to functionality and technology. We offer refined and non-conventional clothing collections that allow those who ride a bike to feel at ease at any time. The combination of technically perfect materials with a unique and unmistakable design is a core value of Pissei. We constantly strive for the perfect fabric, suitable for achieving speed and high performance on the road. We make sure our cyclists are wearing clothing perfectly tailored to their body. Every detail is specifically designed to meet the needs of professional athletes and make them compete to their full potential in every situation. Our comeback to the world of competitions is a new stimulus to further improve our products.


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UAE Development Team: 16 riders for the new team

The newborn of the UAE Team ADQ family, the UAE Development team, is glad to unveil the list of its 16 athletes for 2023 season. This amazing sports project has a mission: to develop the best talents in the world and give an opportunity to young athletes to make their debut in Elite Category.

We are proud of the diversity of our athletes, coming from nine Countries including UAE who have decided to come together to grow and express their full potential under the color of UAE Development team.

In fact, the UAE Development Team athletes will have plenty of time to improve their skills and grow through experience during the 2023 busy calendar races.

In addition, the strongest ones will have the opportunity to race in World Tour with UAE Team ADQ squad during the year.

"In this way we will meet the expectations and needs of both very strong athletes, but also of the majority of girls who instead need more time to grow" explained Valentino Villa, Team manager of the UAE Development Team and founder of Team Valcar, the home team of Champions Chiara Consonni and Silvia Persico.

“We will work in collaboration with the UAE Team ADQ – explains Valentino Villa – and we will train the young athletes thanks to a high-quality international staff made up of sports directors Sergey Lagutin, Andrea Mariani and Anna Badegruber, mechanics Stefano Casiraghi, Andrea Stucchi and Vitaliy Buts and by masseurs Andrea Tessaro and Eros Colombo”.

A staff that will help in the growth of a team made up of the Italians Beatrice Caudera, Carlotta Cipressi, Sara Fiorin, Federica Piergiovanni and Emma Redaelli. Together with them there will also be the Latvian Anastasia Carbonari, the Ukrainian Yuliia Biriukova, the Estonian Elisabeth Ebras (athlete who will compete in the cyclo-cross race in Benidorm, Spain), the Irish Lara Gillespie, the sisters Huda and Zahra Hussain from the United Arab Emirates, the Australian sprinter Lauren Perry, the Swiss Linda Zanetti and the Dutch climber Sophia Zwaan. Lastly, the debuts of the three-time MTB XCE World Champion Gaia Tormena and the European Team Pursuit Champion Francesca Pellegrini aroused great interest.


In the next few days we will present all the athletes on the team's official Instagram profile @uaedevo_team.


Credits ph. Manuela Heres. From the left: Rubens Bertogliati, Francesca Pellegrini, Laura Tomasi, Zahra Hussain, Camila Garcia, Safiya Alsayegh, Sophia Zwaan, Erica Magnaldi, Valentino Villa.