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United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates


date of birth

23rd September 2001


1.70 cm


All rounder

Safiya, a UAE national, proudly represents her birth country as the first Emirati woman on the UAE Team ADQ Women’s World Team. Safiya may humbly not recognise her own superpower, but she is an inspiration to many other women in the sporting fields, both in the UAE and worldwide. Safiya is supported by a strong family network, her father Is her biggest role model and provides the support and encouragement that Safiya needs to meet her demanding university schedule of graphic design studies, while juggling her vigorous training schedule. If Safiya could offer any advice it would be that setbacks can either be viewed as roadblocks in life, setting us apart from our dreams, or they can be viewed as opportunities to learn and grow and discover that there is always something better that awaits on the other side of your shortcomings. Nothing is impossible. For the third time in a row, Safiya Alsayegh secured her National title in Individual Time Trial and Road Race at the annual National Championship (2021-2022-2023). Continuing to develop with high ambitions, Safiya’s key vision in the last months is to qualify for the Olympics in 2024 in Paris, a historic goal achieved, and so she will be the first female cyclist from the United Arab Emirates to participate in the Olympic Games. A great personal achievement and one that also validates the work of her team. A goal that comes after a very positive and growing 2023 season. After a long preparation period spent in Europe, Safiya last July made her debut in a Pro Race in Europe and in October in China she became the first Arab female cyclist to participate in a race of the UCI Women's World Tour, the world's top category of women's cycling.

“Setbacks can be seen as massive roadblocks to our progress when we are feeling our lowest, but what might seem impossible, is definitely manageable, if we change our perspective and view these challenges as opportunities for growth”.


United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

My Awards



October 3, 2023

ITT Asian Games Hangzhou 2023

Summer Asian Games WE - ITT| Hangzhou

Type: One day race - ITT

Distance: 18,3

9th place

June 12, 2023

Asian Road Cycling Championships - RR

Asian Cycling Championships WU23 - Road Race | Rayong-Rayong

Type: One day race

Distance: 109

11th place

June 10, 2023

Asian Road Cycling Championships - ITT

Asian Cycling Championships WU23 - ITT | Rayong-Rayong

Type: One day race - ITT

Distance: 30

5th place

March 5, 2023

UAE National Championships Road Race

UAE National Championships Road Race | Alhamriyah, Sharjah

Type: One day race

Distance: 60

1st place

February 26, 2023

UAE ITT National Championships

UAE ITT National Championships | Nazwa, Sharjah

Distance: 20

1st place

The Team

The Team