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Davide Gani and Giuseppe Lanzoni complete UAE Development Team sports director staff

Davide Gani and Giuseppe Lanzoni complete UAE Development Team sports director staff

December 20, 2023

The UAE Development Team is delighted to introduce Davide Gani and Giuseppe Lanzoni to its team. Collaborating with Aida Nuño Palacio, the two new sports directors will contribute to nurturing emerging talents in women's cycling. These talents are currently undergoing training in Oliva, Spain, in conjunction with UAE Team ADQ.

"The training camp shared with the World Tour team is a great opportunity for the athletes and the staff to grow," said 33-year-old sport director Davide Gani, "together we can build a solid foundation to grow. Being the sport director of a professional women's cycling team has always been a goal for me and I am grateful to UAE Development Team for this opportunity, and evaluate in this eco-system”

"I have great ambition for 2024 season," Davide explains, " Our goal is to be a better team and develop each of the riders to break their own plateau. The girls have a good base from a technical point of view, and the team has already a great team spirit and unity build since last year. Our task is to grow these athletes and make them ready for the transition to the World Tour." 

Giuseppe Lanzoni also agrees on the value of the team: 
"I have seen a group composed of united and determined girls," explains the Italian sport director, "you can see how clear these girls are about their goal."
Giuseppe Lanzoni, who worked on the UAE Team ADQ staff in 2022, has a highly specialized resume in the development of new talent; in fact, in his long career he has been able to lead as a total of 22 different athletes (men and women) to victory.

"I am convinced we will have a great season," Giuseppe said, "I am very confident, we will strive to become an exemplary and inspiring group for the entire women's cycling movement."