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Aida Nuño Palacio joins UAE Development Team as sport director

Aida Nuño Palacio joins UAE Development Team as sport director

December 14, 2023

UAE Development Team is pleased to announce the arrival of a new sport director. Aida Nuño Palacio, the new Spanish sport director, is a former athlete who has competed for more than two decades in both road racing and MTB, and was a seven-time Spanish national cyclocross champion in her career. 

"Cycling has been my passion since I was a child," Aida explained, "and since past years I discovered that I enjoy helping young female athletes to develop their talents." 

Aida Nuño Palacio will join the staff of the UAE Development Team for 2024 season and will have the opportunity to work with a consolidated group of riders.
"I think we have a great team with very young talents who need to grow," Aida said, "each one of them is at a different stage of their growth, career and personal life. I want to listen to each of them, understand them and then help all of them to become better athletes. We must not only think about the results, but we must learn how to become professional female cyclists. This is a very big opportunity for them and my job will also be to make them understand how big this possibility is."
Aida experience as a rider and national champion both in road and crosscycling will be a plus in understanding and identification with the young rider. 
"On a personal level, I feel very fortunate to be able to live this new adventure and be so close to these female cyclists," Aida explains, "for me it's like starting the process from the beginning one more time. I have made many mistakes in my career as a cyclistsand I want to help these girls maybe not to not make them, but to make them faster to learn faster. Everyone needs to make their mistakes, but it is easier if you have someone by your side to help you in these moments. When I had the opportunity to be able to be a sport director professionally, I took it, because cycling is my passion, and I can't wait to start this new adventure with UAE Development Team."