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Sports Summit: how UAE Team ADQ is making a change in the cycling industry

Sports Summit: how UAE Team ADQ is making a change in the cycling industry

March 30, 2023

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On March 2nd and 3rd UAE Team ADQ participated in a panel of discussion during the Leaders in Sport Summit Abu Dhabi.

This is the biggest Sports Conference in the MENA region bringing together public and private sports leaders from across the globe to share the latest trend and innovations from their respective industries.

Camila Garcia, Head of Strategy shared insights on growing the popularity of Women’s Cycling in UAE and Internationally from the established to the breakthrough.

Between all the panels, and exerts discussions, the Summit demonstrated that things are changing for women’s sports and women’s cycling.

Thanks to stakeholders such as Abu Dhabi Emirates, who have massively invested in world-level sports infrastructures including impressive cycling facilities, but the road to reach man level remains long, and we must all work together to get there.

Here are some insights identified to support women in sports:

1. Investment: Women's sports need more investment to develop the infrastructure, coaching, and resources necessary for athletes to perform at their best. This includes funding for facilities, equipment, and training programs.

2. Visibility: Women's sports need greater visibility to attract fans and media attention. This can be achieved by broadcasting more women's sports events, promoting women's athletes and their achievements, and providing more coverage in the media.

3. Participation: Increasing participation in women's sports is also important. This can be done by encouraging girls and women to participate in sports from an early age and providing opportunities for them to compete at all levels.

4. Support: Women's sports need greater support from sponsors and corporations. This includes sponsorship deals, endorsement contracts, and other financial support that can help female athletes develop their careers and reach their full potential.

5. Recognition: Finally, women's sports need greater recognition and respect for the achievements of female athletes. This can be achieved by highlighting the accomplishments of women in sports and acknowledging their contributions to the world of sports.

Since the establishment of UAE team ADQ, the team has in its core values and mission to promote women’s cycling and a growth mindset both in UAE and internationally.

UAE team ADQ and UAE Development team are opening unique and professional pathways for Emirati talents who aspire to have a professional cycling career. The team works at the grass-root level to identify, develop, and nurture talents and create future world leaders in women’s cycling

Through different initiatives, UAE team ADQ and its UAE-based platform, Wmn_Moving_Fwd is leading a women’s cycling movement in UAE to enable the lowering of entry barriers and encourage more women to ride bikes and adopt a growth mindset.