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International Women’s Month: Many ways to embrace Equity in Abu Dhabi

International Women’s Month: Many ways to embrace Equity in Abu Dhabi

March 30, 2023

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UAE Team ADQ, and Wmn moving fwd hosted and participated in a prominent women’s event in Abu Dhabi.

In celebration of International Women’s month and in line with the 2023 International theme of embracing equity, UAE Team ADQ, and Wmn moving fwd hosted and participated in a prominent women’s event in Abu Dhabi.

On March 5th, WMF, a platform of cycling promotion and wellness dedicated to women delivered an outstanding Women’s Day event with its first race of the year. Despite a foggy morning, more than 140 women from the Abu Dhabi community competed in 20km and 40km distances and 250 participants join the event throughout the day.

We are so proud of our community today. A bench of cycling lovers competed in the 40km and make it looks super easy!  Not only that, some ladies competed for the first time ever. They have joined our weekly ladies’ community rides led by our UCI’s coaches, they trained and motivated each other to overcome their fear and attend their first race together! This is so impressive for us! This is what we are offering to our women’s community, empowering each of us through cycling and a growth mindset and lowering the entry barriers to sports activities and cycling in a safe environment.” Said MM, President of UTA.  

On March 8th, UAE Team ADQ participated in a series of round-tables and panels to celebrate the exceptional cycling athletes with Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies Sports Academy and ADCC throughout the journey of an Emirati pro-rider Zahra Hussain, member of UAE Development Team.

Followed by an evening panel hosted by Switzerland Tourism and Wolfi's in Colnago Abu Dhabi, on the cycling offerings to women in UAE and Switzerland, Camila Garcia Head of Strategy, shared insights on the women’s cycling movement launched by Wmn Moving Fwd and how we are championing women in sport in general.

2022 was a pivotal year for the women’s cycling industry globally, and 2023 marks a key milestone for women cycling in UAE and for UAE Team ADQ. From the first-ever UAE Tour Women, the creation of the UAE Continental team to nurture the future talent of the nation, and the launching of the WMF movement dedicated to empowering women through cycling and a growth mindset.

UAE Team ADQ and Wmn Moving Fwd platform enact positive change while holding true to our values, which include striving for breakthroughs. That’s the spirit of the UAE too. It’s an honor for me and my team to be able to contribute to the promotion of cycling and the growth of my country and by extension its social and well-being growth via the work we do.  Added MM.

We closed the month of celebration of women’s achievements with the participation in a panel of “Women making Impact Summit” hosted by the Abu Dhabi Resident Office in partnership with UN Women and the Abu Dhabi Women Business Council.

An exceptional event gave the stage to the amazing women of Abu Dhabi, who drive change in all industries. We discussed innovative solutions coming and applicable to AI, Finance, Healthcare, and Sports to build better businesses and pave the way for future generations of women in Abu Dhabi to grow and reach new heights.

Thanks to ADRO and Abu Dhabi Emirates for recognizing the role and impact women have in sustaining growth, economy, healthy lifestyle, and forward movement to enrich the business community.