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Training Camp for Emirati Riders in Europe

Training Camp for Emirati Riders in Europe

June 8, 2023

As part of its development plans for Emirati women cyclists, UAE Team ADQ announced its summer camp in Europe.

As part of its development plans for Emirati women cyclists, UAE Team ADQ announced its second closed summer camp for Emirati riders in Europe, which will run in Bottanuco, Italy, from June 15.

The 10-week training camp is designed to provide Emirati riders with a transformative experience, fostering skill development, technical expertise, and exposure to European cycling routes, with a particular emphasis on mountain and climb routes and challenging terrains.

The camp is led by experienced coaches and encompasses a range of activities to refine the riders' abilities. These include technical preparations, comprehensive baseline assessments, physiological and metabolic testing, nutritional screening, and medical evaluations. The data collected from these assessments will be instrumental in crafting personalized training plans tailored to each athlete. The physical training regimen will focus on aerobic-based exercises, strength-building, and endurance enhancement.

Beyond the rigorous training sessions, the intensive camp reunites developing riders and the UAE Team ADQ members, including coaches, mechanics, medical personnel, and support staff. This collaborative environment creates a nurturing space for mentorship and guidance, ensuring that Emirati cycling talent receives holistic support throughout their journey.

Melissa Moncada, Head of UAE Team ADQ, said: “Emirati talent development and mentoring are core tenets of UAE Team ADQ's Emirati Development Talent Program. We remain committed to providing exceptional cycling opportunities for talented female Emirati riders and UAE-based talents. With this intensive training camp, we walk the walk on our commitment to developing the next generation of Emirati women cyclists, enabling them to reach their full potential”.

Cristina San Emeterio, Coach of Coaches at UAE Team ADQ, commented: "This year, we have selected Safiya Alsayegh, Zahra Hussein, Huda Al Hussain, and Sheikha Rashed to represent the UAE in Bottanuco, Italy, a mountainous region, for a 10-week intensive training program. Our objective is to enhance their skills, technique, and familiarity with European cycling routes, particularly mountainous and climbing routes. Upon completion, their improved performance will enable them to participate in international tours and competitions”.

Team manager for the UAE Development Team, Valentino Villa, said, "Our goal has always been to develop cycling talent, and this new project focusing on female Emirati riders is something that excites me enormously. I'm delighted to be able to contribute with my experience to this highly worthwhile project, which also presents a fresh challenge for women's cycling”

UAE Development Team's management will oversee the Emirati riders while Cristina San Emeterio provides guidance over a three-month period. “Our Emirati riders, will experience our routes and tracks, uncover their potential, and solidify their foundation”, concluded Valentino.

Since its establishment in 2021, UAE Team ADQ has been dedicated to empowering Emirati female cycling talent. By adopting this approach, UAE Team ADQ aims to break down barriers to entry and inspire more Emirati women to embrace cycling at all levels, nurturing a growth mindset and fostering participation in the thriving women's cycling movement that we are pioneering in the UAE.